Lady Elinor's Wicked Adventure

This lively Victorian adventure has a wonderfully different and colorful backdrop that is sure to charm readers along with the quick pace, mystery and likable characters. 

–RT Book Reviews.

Available November 4, 2014







Dear Reader,

Do you think of the Victorians as rather stuffy, pompous people, draping cloths to hide the legs of the piano and swooning in horror at any breach of propriety? Well, such people may have existed, but there were others. Far more exciting others.

The other Victorians were intrepid travelers and bold adventurers. They were insatiably curious about the world around them—both its past and its future. They would dare anything.

It is among these other Victorians that you will find my heroes and heroines.

In the first book of my Victorian AdventuresLady Elinor’s Wicked Adventure, Lady Elinor (Norrie) and her family, accompanied by Lord Tunbury (Harry), travel to Italy to explore the ruins of ancient Etruria. In the process, they defy dangerous antiquities thieves, help a Garibaldi supporter escape from the French army in Rome, and find true love.

I had a wonderful time writing Harry and Norrie’s romantic adventures, and I hope you will enjoy reading about them. An exerpt is available here.

Lady Elinor’s Wicked Adventure will be published on November 4 and is available for preorder.




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Another PS: Booklist reviewed my book: “Marek directs an entertainingly large cast of characters through cobblestone corridors, archaeological digs, a surprising subplot of class war and French-Italian rivalry, sparring rival lovers, and more than one happily ever after. She keeps the pace at a pleasing trot and fully commits to the romance of travel in the Victorian era.”