A SCANDALOUS ADVENTURE, the third story in the Victorian Adventure series will be coming out on August 2.

In this tale, Lady Susannah Tremaine, the youngest daughter of the Marquess and Marchioness of Penworth, travels to the German spa of Baden. She’s a very proper and responsible young lady, and she’s on this trip to take care of her aged Aunt Augusta and her young relative Lady Olivia de Vaux.


That shouldn’t be too difficult in a spa full of aging invalids, she thinks. But then the three women tumble into a world of castles and kingdoms and plots and treason, There will be masquerades and balls, secret passages and ambushes, sword fights and rescues, and true love at then end when the handsome and dashing Count Maximillian von Staufer convinces Susannah that she isn’t nearly as prim and proper as she thought.



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Lady Emily's Exotic Journey

"Newcomer Marek lures readers into her lush novel with her delightful, headstrong heroines and sexy heroes. Adding fabulously intriguing locales, historical details and a roller-coaster ride of adventure with a double romance, and then thrusting readers into the lively paced tale, Marek offers up a captivating read. 4 Stars"
- RT Book Reviews

"...there is plenty to enjoy in Lucien and Emily's transformation as lovers swept away by adventure."

"I liked the unconventional setting, and I loved that Marek clearly put a lot of thought in how to address this particular chapter of British and Middle Eastern history...I am looking forward to see what else Marek has in store."
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Lady Elinor's Wicked Adventures

This lively Victorian adventure has a wonderfully different and colorful backdrop that is sure to charm readers along with the quick pace, mystery and likable characters. 

–RT Book Reviews

Marek directs an entertainingly large cast of characters through cobblestone corridors, archaeological digs, a surprising subplot of class war and French-Italian rivalry, sparring rival lovers, and more than one happily ever after. She keeps the pace at a pleasing trot and fully commits to the romance of travel in the Victorian era.


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